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Interview with Suilyaniz Cintron author of Crying, the nightingale

This week I’d like to welcome Suilyaniz Cintron author of Crying, the nightingale

Suilyaniz, Can you tell us what got you into writing?

  I think I got into writing as a way to escape the world surrounding me. Since I was really little I’ve always had a big imagination and when I was twelve I decided to put that imagination on paper. I started writing short stories about princesses and it evolved from there. Being someone who has been called an old soul, I’ve honestly never felt I belong in the time period I am living in and writing is a way for me to mentally travel to the past which I love so much.

Would you share a short excerpt from your novel with us?
 “I thought about breaking my word and not coming… but I didn’t want to leave you waiting here for hours only to be disappointed when I didn’t show.”
She wouldn’t lift her face and when Warren touched her shoulder, she shrugged it off.
“Moira, why won’t you look at me?”
“I can’t Warren” she said putting a hand to her eyes, so he didn’t see the tears forming in them. “Because then we’ll have to part… and I don’t want to.”
“Moira, Vaughn’s not here… don’t be afraid” whispered Warren turning her face towards his. In the light of the lamp posts, he could see tear drops on her cheeks which fell on the collar of her coat and when she lay against his chest, he held her tight, feeling her shoulders tremble.
“Claire told me the reason Grady doesn’t want you to see me, is because he’s jealous… and you’ve refused to be his lover.” “Is this true?”
Moira sniffled and took the handkerchief Warren offered.
“Yes… it’s true.” “Vaughn doesn’t want me to fall in love.” “And that’s why he forbade me to have any contact with you.”
“He’s acting as if you’re his property.”
“If it weren’t for him, I’d be on the street.”
“Don’t you have family Moira, someone to take you in?” asked Warren, and the girl shook her head. “Are you an orphan?”
“I might as well be considering….”
“Considering what?” he said hoping she would finish the sentence.
“It doesn’t matter.”
 “What doesn’t matter?” said Warren and when she didn’t respond, he let out a sigh. “You aren’t ready to talk about your past.”
“Warren… what did Claire tell you, about me?” asked Moira.
“She said you’re lonely and find it hard to trust men,” said Warren lifting his head to the sky.
“But people who feel alone are searching for someone to fill the void.” “I can be that someone.”

When you pick up a book to read, which do you prefer print books or ebooks?
 I prefer print books because I love holding the finished product in my hand, the feel of the pages and adding it to my ever growing collection.

Suilyaniz, writing can be a long process, have you been given any helpful advice that you’d like to share with us?
 It is not easy being an independent author and there are times when I’ve felt frustrated not to have sold any copies or seeing people interested in reading my books. My father told me that what matters is not the number of copies I’ve sold but to keep working hard at it and I will get to where I want to be because I have the ability to write and not everyone does. That is advice that’s been beyond valuable to me.

Tell us a little bit about the main characters in your novel
      The main male protagonist Warren Harlan is a 24 year old loan officer for a Los Angeles Bank.  Lonely and grief stricken by his father’s passing he is encouraged by his mother to seek distraction by visiting a Nightclub and it’s there he meets Moira Lily. He’s a charming, friendly, easygoing man who can be very stubborn, set in his ways but his love for Moira is boundless.

     The female protagonist 23 year old Moira is a head turning beauty with pale, blonde hair, green eyes and a melodious laugh which captures Warren since their first meeting. She's the main singer of the Gilded Rose nightclub possessing an angelic voice and unrivaled grace. Moira’s sweet-natured, sincere, vivacious and amiable but also outspoken and impetuous. Carrying a dark secret concerning the nightclub, she has a deep distrust of men and only after meeting Warren can she hope for a life free of the misery and pain following her every step.

     Vaughn Grady is the main antagonist and owner of the Gilded Rose Nightclub where Moira works. A violent, cruel man with an explosive temper, his sole interest lies in making money and doesn’t care if it comes at the suffering of his star singer. To the guests that frequent his club Vaughn appears to be decent and respectable but in reality he is an ambitious, manipulative, heartless criminal who has caused Moira immense sorrow. 

 How did you decide on what to title each book?
 My first two novels, Windswept and Crying, the Nightingale have symbolic titles but my decision usually comes to what fits the novel’s message best. An example is my Puerto Rican novel A la sombra del Aleli which means In the shadow of the magnolia tree and it refers to the tree where the male protagonist reencounters his childhood friend.

Share something with us not a lot of people know about you.
  Since I was 6 years old I dreamed of being an actress and was once in a play at my city’s main theater. Living in Puerto Rico there is not a lot of opportunity for people who aspire to be actors and I decided to dedicate myself to writing. But the dream is still there and I would love to act again just to get that amazing feeling from when I was on stage once again.

Who designed the artwork for your cover?  Or did you design it yourself?
 I designed it myself on

That's amazing, it looks fantastic.  I actually tried designing my own, but ended up finding someone more talented.  My covers just looked to Juvenile.  
What brought about the idea for your book?
 The inspiration for my book came from 1950’s film Noir, which I love. Noir films were dramas that dealt with crime, sexual motivations and other real life themes.  

Currently, what are you working on?
I am working on my first Puerto Rican novel, A la sombra del Aleli which is set in a 19th century coffee plantation.

Do you have any hobbies aside from writing?
 I make videos for my YouTube channel Silent movie queen which is mainly about silent era stars. I also love to read.

That's so cool!  Videos and books, you have many talents.  You mentioned you love to read, which is your favorite book?
My all-time favorite book is A tree grows in Brooklyn.  I’ve read it a couple of times and love how it transports me to the 1900’s, my favorite time period.

Suilyaniz ,Any last words you’d like to share with our readers?
 Write, write, write! And don’t give up until you reach the top.

Thanks so much for sharing with us, be sure to check out her website, and book.  Happy Reading!

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New Author Feature

Check out my new Author Interview.  Also don't forget to check back in two days as I do my first Wednesday Author Feature.  Since I've gotten so many responses, I will now try and post twice a week, Wed & Fri.  

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Welcome Laura Kehoe author of Royal Thief

This week we’d like to welcome Laura Kehoe, author of Royal Thief.

Laura, What got you into writing?

I’ve loved making up stories ever since I was a little girl, even before I knew how to write. It was my way to escape into my own little world. Once I figured out how to form coherent sentences and ideas, I just couldn’t stop!

Would you mind Sharing a short excerpt from your novel with us Laura?

Here’s a little bit from the beginning:
She seemed to appear out of nowhere—almost as if she had materialized from the shadows.
           King Osric was used to the woman’s sudden appearances. She’d been paying him visits for nearly a year now. Despite all of his efforts, Osric had yet to learn anything about her—not even the woman’s name. In his mind, he had begun to call her Shadow just so he could have some title for her.
           Shadow bowed her head. “Your Highness. I hope I haven’t woken you.”
           Osric stood, walking out from behind his desk. “What is it? I’m assuming you haven’t come to pay me a social visit.”
           “No, I haven’t,” she said, completely at ease. “But I believe my visit will be equally as enjoyable.”
            “Oh?” He raised an eyebrow.
“I have a bit of information for you,” she explained. “Information that could change the fate of this war.”

Which do you prefer when reading, print books or ebooks?

In general, print books. There is something so magical about printed pages. Although I do appreciate how easy it is to transport books with ereaders, so I have been known to use that as well.

I agree with you.  There is something wonderful about holding a book in your hands.  Laura  have you been given any helpful advice that you can share with us?

One of the most helpful pieces of advice I’ve been given was from my mom, when I told her I wanted to publish my book. She said “If you want to publish, you should do it.” I know that sounds simple on its front, but the idea behind it is what really got me. If something is important to you, don’t just think about doing it. You need to actually do it. Sometimes what you want is scary and seems overwhelming, but you can’t let that stop you from following your dreams.

What are you working on right now?

I’m currently working on the sequel to Royal Thief, called Rebels and Redemption. It’s in the editing stages right now and should be out later this fall!

Can you share a little bit about your main characters with us?

One of the main characters in Royal Thief is Amara, a thief who gets mixed up with a group of rebels working to overthrow their corrupt king. Amara likes to keep to herself and look after her own interests, but when she gets involved with the rebels, her entire life gets turned upside down. Life suddenly seems a lot less clear than it used to be.

How did you decide on what to title each book?

Titles are one of the hardest things for me. It took me a year to finally decide on Royal Thief and even longer to pick Rebels and Redemption for book two. Generally, I like to take important themes and elements in the story and incorporate them into the title to hopefully make something catchy and memorable.

Share something with us not a lot of people know about you.

I intensely dislike raw tomatoes. When they’re cooked, I don’t mind them. But the texture of raw tomatoes just grosses me out.

Isn’t it crazy how different people can be.  I absolutely love tomatoes and slice them and eat them plain! 

How do you promote your books? Any tips you can share?

I use social media a lot to promote my book. Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and Facebook are great outlets to use. I’ve been able to meet and interact with so many people on those sites, and made some good friends along the way too. My best tip is to keep promoting your book. Post pictures, share excerpts, tell everyone you know you’ve written a book (both online and in person), host giveaways...the more people who see/hear about your book, the more sales you’ll likely get.
What is the easiest part of the writing process?  What is the hardest?

The easiest part for me is writing that first draft, where I can just pour out whatever ideas pop into my head without worrying about how it sounds or even if the story makes sense. Then comes the editing, which is a lot harder. But, actually, the hardest part for me is figuring out the best ending for my book. It’s so hard to create a satisfying, memorable ending that feels right.

Do you have people read your drafts before you publish?  How do you select beta readers?

I’m a huge fan of beta readers. Again, social media is a great way to find people willing to read and critique your work. Goodreads has quite a few book groups where authors can connect with critique partners and beta readers. I’ve also participated in National Writing Month and have met some of my beta readers through that as well. A few of my friends and family have read my books as well. Their help has been greatly appreciated too.

What brought about the idea for your book?

So many things inspired Royal Thief: other books I’ve read, people I know/know of, movies/TV shows...and a variety of other things. But two inspirations that stand out to me are the musical Les Miserables and the fantasy novel Eragon by Christopher Paolini. Many of the elements of Royal Thief were inspired by those two.
Is there something you learned from writing your first book?

My first book taught me a lot. For one, I learned just how hard it is to write an entire story from start to finish. I discovered how much time and energy you have to devote to creating a novel. My first book also helped me to learn the discipline to write every day (or at least almost every day). It got me into the habit of putting out at least a few sentences every time I sat down, which really helps keep the momentum going and creative juices flowing.

Which is your favorite book?

If we’re talking about books in general, I’m not sure if I can pick one favorite. But some of my top choices are Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Riyria Revelations by Michael J. Sullivan, The Stand by Stephen King, and A Natural History of Dragons by Marie Brennan. There are so many books I love though, so it’s hard to pick!

What advice would you give someone who is considering publishing? Should they consider traditional or self-publishing?

My advice to them is to keep trying and don’t let the difficulties overwhelm you. Writing a book all the way through is hard, but in many ways publishing is even more of a challenge. With so many options and choices, it can feel a bit overwhelming. But don’t lose heart! I went the self-published route with my current book, although that might not be for everyone. Self-publishing can be expensive and time-consuming. But, traditional publishing has its own issues too, as well as numerous benefits. So do your research. Look at the pros and cons of both types of publishing and think about what you’re looking for in your own writing career. There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to publishing. You just have to decide what feels right for you.

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You can now read the first chapter of Sunwalker for free on Wattpad.  From time to time I will be posting select chapters on the site.  Look for the first chapter to Nightwalker coming soon.
Sunwalker chapter 1 on Wattpad

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Interview with Rebecca Forster author of The Finn O'Brien Thrillers

This week we welcome author Rebecca Forster of Foreign Relations a Finn O’Brien Thriller (Book 2)

What got you into writing?

Over 30 years ago I was a supervisor at an advertising agency and my client's wife was no other than Daniel Steele. I didn't know who she was, but when I found out I uttered those fateful words, "I bet I could write a book." My secretary dared me to do just that and now I have over 35 books to my name. I have written romance and women's fiction, but thrillers really called to me. I've always been fascinated by the justice system - could be because my husband of forty years was a federal prosecutor and is now a superior court judge. It's nice to have my research department at home. I am a mom to two grown sons - Eric Czuleger, a fantasy/sci fi author and Alex Czuleger who owns a talent management firm in Hollywood.

Wow, 35 books, that is quite an accomplishement!  When you pick a book to read which do you prefer print books or ebooks?

Print when I'm home and ebooks when I travel.

Have you been given any helpful advice over the years?

I'm given helpful advice every day from my editor, my coach, my husband, my mom (she's 93), my kids - but that doesn't mean I always take it. All of them have helped me in my writing career.

Currently, what are you working on?

 Book three of the Finn O'Brien series. There is Severed Relations, Foreign Relations and . . . I can't wait to find out what the title of book three will be.

Coming up with a few words to catch the attention of readers can be quite challenging but also very rewarding.  Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

How did you decide on what to title each book?

 Because I write about the law and police work the titles are often taken from the vernacular of the justice system. Each title always has a double meaning to me. Any one of them can be interpreted strictly within the system or in terms of how the characters interact with one another or as a comment on their motivation.

Share something with us not a lot of people know about you.

 I hate talking on the phone but I love talking to people. I just prefer email or face-to-face.

With 35 books under your belt, how do you promote your books? Any tips you can share?

I do a combination of advertising, promotion and trying to make each book better than the last. I think an author's book can be the best advertising. My rule is that I spend ten percent of my income on advertising and promotion and I keep very close records of what works and what doesn't. Sometimes an advertising opportunity sounds great but you don't get a good return on investment.

What is the easiest part of the writing process?  What is the hardest?

The easiest part is coming up with an idea; the hardest part is turning it into an actual novel.

What was your biggest challenge when writing? Did you have any writer’s block?
 If so, how did you work your way through it?

I think all authors have writers block now and again but I think of it as being tired. When you've spent six to nine months focused on one story it's hard to start the next one. I usually take a month off between books. The best way for me to get over writers block, though, is to do something physical. Playing on a tennis team is perfect. The completion and the camaraderie seem to jump start my imagination.

What are your hobbies aside from writing, if any?

 I love to sew and quilt. Our family's main entertainment is having dinner parties and entertaining. Travel is huge on my list. I was in China in 1983 and recently lived in Albania for a few months. I love adventure.

In your novels, which character is your favorite?

Hannah in the Witness Series and Cori in the Finn O'Brien Thrillers. In my standalone books it would be Tessa Bradley. In my romance, I adore Bailey Devlin.

Which is your favorite book?

I don't know that I have a favorite book, but I have one that I hold dear. Before her eyes is a thriller with elements of fantasy so that the reader isn't quite sure what is real and what isn't. The twist is on the very last page. The reason this book is so special is because it was written while both my dad and my father-in-law were very ill. They passed away within three months of one another and this was inspired by the time I spent with them.

What advice would you give someone who is considering publishing? Should they consider traditional or self-publishing?
 I've done both and both options have pros and cons. Research, research, research and then ask yourself where you really fit in and where you think you'll be happy.

Any last words?

For authors, reach out to those who have gone before with your questions. The writing community is open and giving. For readers, each time you write a note or a review you make an author's day. I still write to my first fan (pen pals for 33 years). Writing makes friends no matter where you put your words.

Pen pals for 33 years that’s amazing.  Thank you so much for sharing with us today.  Check out Rebecca and more of her works at any of the below sites.
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Author Features

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